The Webisodes

April 13, 2009

So we’ve finally got to the point where we’re going to create our very own webisodes. My group has a pretty solid idea involving a former skateboard phenom who had a big falling out on a big stage, and is currently coasting through life. He lives with his best friend who currently works for a skateboarding company. The story is pushed by the friend always trying to push the skateboarder to take his skills to the next level. The skateboarder is haunted by his falling out, and currently works as a custodian/landscaper who makes money on the side by doing small local skating competitions. The story is pushed to another level when a prime time skateboarder calls out our skater to challenge him at a big upcoming competition.


April 9, 2009

It seems the warm weather is finalllly rolling in. I will use this time to reveal a little weather system that me and one of my buddies from home created. It basically just describes the seasons as what kind of people they would be.

Summer: Georgeous girl who everyone wants to get with. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s real cool and everyone loves to hang out with her.

Fall: Laid back dude. Semi-Jock that again, everyone loves to hang out with.

Winter: He’s the type of kid that shows up to a party and everyone enitially enjoys his company. But eventually he just gets way to drunk and overstays his welcome. He used to date Spring, so he’s always going crazy right as shes getting to the party. He also knows that Fall and Spring are currently talking, so that’s why he always blows up Fall’s spot. Eventually it gets to the point where everyone just wants him to leave, and eventually he does but will throw a bottle at the house on his way out (snowstorm in march).

Spring: Cool ass chick who everyone likes, but she can never fully come out of her shell because Winter has damaged her pretty bad emotionally. Everyone is excited when she first arrives at the party, but eventually she breaks down and starts crying all the time (April showers…) and it gets to the point where people have had enough and just want summer.

It may sound real abstract and borderline crazy, but I think it works real well.

March 30, 2009

Ya, so I checked out Twitter and it’s pretty official. There’s a tonnn of people on there. I’m currently following Tila Tequila, Paul Pierce, Shaq and Charlie Villanueva. It’s pretty much a site of a bunch of blogs where you have personal conversations between each other. Pierce and Villanueva even gave out tickets recently through hints on their Twitter. Villanueva did an update on his page during half time at one of his games. I gotta say I’m def getting into it. I have yet to receive any replies from celebs, but I have made it known to Tila Tequila that I am single and ready to mingle.

I’d recommend going and checking out if you haven’t yet.

March 30, 2009

I’ve come to the realization that I am no longer going to pay to watch movies in the theaters. I’m not even going to pay to watch them on like on demand or anything of that nature. It’s so pointless, when you can get pretty much anything for free on the internet these days. I’ve literally watched about 10 movies in the last two weeks online that I’d have no way of obtaining without paying money. I think it’s real cool because I can watch whenever I feel like it. For instance, the night of the Oscars I just hopped online and me and my roommate watched Slum Dog, and it was really sick. I just love the fact that there is a way to watch movies for free. It’s great.

I’m also hopping on Twitter just to see what it’s all about, so I’ll let you my readers (all 2 of you) know how it is.

March 11, 2009

This is a video concerning football and abandonment…

When a player signs a lucrative contract with a new team I can’t decipher whether or not he is just leaving his old team or making a new start. Derrick Ward was on the NY Giants for the last couple years and he just came off a 1000+ yard season and signed a rather impressive contract with the TB Bucs today for 4 years/17 million dollars. In this case I don’t believe he was abandoning his team because the Giants weren’t willing to give him the years he was looking for (they only were willing to give him a max of 1 year), so if anything they abandoned him.

Lonnie Paxton however did abandon the Patriots. He’s been the long snapper since I can remember and he bolted for Denver this past week. In this situation I don’t understand because he honestly can’t be getting paid much more over there than he was here. When it comes down to it though, the league is just a business and I think the teams do the majority of the abandoning because the players to them are just commodities.

February 26, 2009

This is just a cool video that me and my buddy JD made for one of our class projects, enjoy…

Shoe Trees

February 25, 2009

I recently watched Sex Drive and theres a scene where the main girl tosses her shoes up into a tree. I thought this was a cool way of showing something being abandonded. Not only abandoned, but having your abandonded thing being linked forever with other people’s (people you will never know) abandoned things…

February 13, 2009

The pictures I put before remind me a lot of I Am Legend, the way they made that movie was incredible. I wish I could of have seen how all of America looked with the old abandoned look. They did a bang up job making NY City look abandoned. I wish i could get my hands on the files that were used in the film. Oh well, I still think that it’s sick there are actually places in America that have been abandoned. Mainly the old Minnesota stadium in the fact that it’s still standing. They’re finally ripping down old Tiger Stadium to build who knows what.  It’s also possible that people who were once on top get abandoned and have to live a life they never imagined would happen. Case in point the photo below…. thank god he bounced back.

February 9, 2009

I was browsing around the web and found some picutres of abandoned sports fields/stadiums… thought these ones were kind of neat.